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ZZZ's Current Projects:

GROWTH MACHINES:3 chambers, one concerning the usual growth/muscle/hormone, but in COLOR(E.T.A.~11/22/97)!!! And two which were requested by Lorekeep, which are necessary to gain access to more megabytes of giantess space. (E.T.A~11/30/97).

GIANTESS/AMAZON ART:One piece concerning Galaxa, who was destroyed along with the old ZZZ labs(11/22/97), a giantess breaking through her hosuing(11/17/97), and a giantess watching her worshipers while lying on the beach.(E.T.A.~11/17/97)

GENTLE GIANTESS STORIES:The current project, "No Meat Please"(11/22/97), and "Blast", a story about a superheroine who can know(11/18/97).

VIOLENT GIANTESS STORIES:"AT LAST-FINAL WAVE" yup, it's no mistake. The last one unfortunately has violent giantess material, but I think it'll be one of my best stories yet. I'm putting a great deal of work into it(11/29/97). "Bigger Clones" a story set in the future, and it has to do with the ability to improve upon oneself with furturistic technology.(11/25/97). A tale concerning a certain super hero female from the DC universe(yeah you know who Brian)(11/23/97).Also, there may be something based on a giantess running around in white socks, something someone keeps requesting...(11/29/97)

COMIC STRIP:Coming Soon...

THE SOURCE:Gotta watch out for dangerous needles...(11/17/97)

GROWTH SPURTS: "Big Red Riding Hood"(11/15/97), and "Alicia in Wonderland...As If"(UNKNOWN E.T.A.), Hentzel and Giantess(11/17/97). All based on their title origins, except for the giantess bit added by ZZZ.

BEFORE AND AFTER:Can you say swim suit(11/17/97)??? Wet suit(11/19/97)??? Military Fatigues(11/29/97)??? Also, a mythical type before and after(11/17/97).

NEW STUFF:I plan on getting an ongoing story line on this site, which will probably have a new part every month or two weeks. The most likely candidate is my upcoming story, "Something in the water..." The first part to this will appear on my Online Chat Forum, the subsequent parts will appear in the "ONGOING" section soon to appear in my site. Also, I plan on having a section entitled "GTS CHRONICLES 2000", which will entail stories and art in a future setting. Finally, I will also be adding a section entitled "REQUESTS", where I will either list which stories, art, growth chambers etc. were originally requested, or post links to each request response. I may also add an on-line message recorder so people can leave requests with ease.

CURRENT PROJECTS:I will be updating this section on random occasions, so make sure and drop by every once in a while. Also, dates posted above are only an estimate, and some stuff may not even show up at all. But everything currently listed has already been started in some way or another, and I hate leaving things unfinis...

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