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ZZZ's Current Projects:

Sorry Giantess fans, ZZZ's got outside cyber strains so I won't be updating regularly between now and mid December. In fact after 12/20/97 this site won't be updated until 2/06/98, yup, a long time for me as well, but thats what happens when one doesn't own their own computer(and can't afford one-college student's budget) However, I should have a monsterously huge update upon my return, and it will be on every option at my main page, and should also bring new options for the site. Needless to say any request responses will have to wait until next february. If I come across BIG money and get my own computer during the month and a half break I will definetly update the site at that time:) If you think that's bad, imagine going a whole month and a half without any giantess on the internet access!!! :(